Featuring experiences and anecdotes from the last four Presidential administrations, Amoroso will illustrate the growing intensity of cyber threat to the applications and systems supporting our national, state, and local elections, including

  • A current view of national critical infrastructure risk
  • Anecdotes about how major political parties struggle with cyber security
  • Advice on how the US can protect its election infrastructure from hacking
  • Architectural illustration on how nation-states break into large networks

Following Amoroso’s keynote talk, a prominent panel of cyber experts will tackle the critical issue: How do businesses and governments mitigate external digital risks to social, mobile, and web services? Security issues increasingly arise outside the enterprise perimeter, often manifesting in social media botnets, malware-laden email payloads, and infected mobile apps. Enterprise teams have developed their skills to protect corporate and enterprise assets, but this requires a rethinking to deal with security issues on the public Internet.